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Dr. Anja Timmermann | Communication Trainer

I help people to


Are you the manager of your communication?

Do we really need communication training in times of apps and Youtube?

Communication has never been as easy as today – in technical terms. But in times of media and information overkill, FOCUS is the challenge. I work with individuals and teams on their self-organization and communication skills so they can develop their potential and reach their goals.

New: Storytelling-Workshops

My coachings and trainings are always custom tailored. If you are interested in working with me please drop me a line. I am looking forward to new projects.


Crafting content for the media

Coming Soon: Qiubo Text & Concept | Anja Timmermann

We help communicate your content

Do you want to make your content public but you are just too busy with other things?

We are a bunch of experienced freelancers and media experts. And we can help you with whatever media-related problem.  Be it a text, pictures, visualization, online platforms, live presentations, video or print.

If you would like to work with us please write and tell us about your project.

About me

Anja Timmermann Kommunikationstraining Hamburg Profilbild

Dr. Anja Timmermann

Communication Trainer & Coach

Hi, I am Anja. I love to support people and their projects in a sustainable way. As a trainer I am convinced in working on these 4 levels: self reflexion and focus, changeability and creativity, good project planning and communication skills.

Business Trainer (dvct)

Journalist (tv, print, online)

Economic historian (PhD)

Founder, QIUBO Content

Was ist Ihr Projekt?

Wenn Sie daran interessiert sind, mit mir zu arbeiten, freue ich mich über einen Anruf oder eine Email.

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